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This is my portfolio, covering professional work, side projects, career highlights and awards. You can discover more work up on my GitHub, follow me on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn, find out if I've answered your questions on StackOverflow, or send me an email.


September 2019 – Present

Lead Android Engineer for Float.

Float gives you free access to your credit report, and is the only app that lets you help friends & family keep track of their credit, too.

Share your credit information with anyone that may need it. Family, friends, it’s up to you. You control the level of info shared with each connection, giving you full control over your financial information and encouraging community around financial health.

See what your banks & credit providers see about you.

iHeartRadio Android & Fire TV

September 2018 – August 2019

As the lead developer I worked closely with product, design, and stakeholders to re-build the iHeartRadio Android TV and Fire TV apps using Kotlin, agile methodologies, pair programming, and test driven development. I was also the technical consultant on other projects with iHeartRadio focusing on Android Auto and iOS CarPlay.

iHeartRadio is a free broadcast and internet radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. It was founded in April 2008 as the website

LA Automobility 2018 Grand Prize Winner & Showcased Partner at CES 2019 with Ford

November 2018 – February 2019

With a team of 3 other software engineers and the Director of Product at TribalScale, we won the grand prize of $40,000 in the LA Auto Show® and AutoMobility LA™ competition known as Code AutoMobility LA Hackathon, sponsored by Visa and General Motors.

Our winning prototype was powered by Android Auto and Google's Dialogflow using GM and Visa APIs to build an in-car AI-driven e-commerce platform which allows consumers to purchase items directly from the vehicle for curbside pickup, eliminating parking needs.

This led to the launch of Dashero which was a showcased partner at Ford Motor Company’s main booth at CES 2019.

It was a thrill to compete with 140 developers and 24 teams and win the Code AutoMobility LA 2018 Hackathon sponsored by Visa and GM.

My previous work in Android Auto, Google Cloud Functions, and NLP technologies (Dialogflow, Houndify, and Snowboy) were a major factor in building impressive winning software in a short time constraint.

The competition was evaluated by an esteemed panel of judges including Charles Thomas (Chief Data and Analytics Officer, GM) and Mark Jamison (Senior Vice President, Global Innovation and Design, Visa).

The winners were announced and awarded at AutoMobility LA on Tuesday, November 27 as part of the show's conference programming.

I was the lead developer for the prototype of Dashero, debuted at CES 2019 with Ford Motor Company, which is an intelligent shopping platform that allows OEMs to integrate seamless voice ordering and predictive pick-up services directly into the vehicle's head unit.

Founders of Dashero:

Ardy Rahman (left), Juan Acecedo (center), Jared Rummler (right)

2019 NBA All-Star Google Assistant Action

October 2018 – January 2019

NBA All-Star voting was available on the Google Assistant for the first time in 2019. As a software engineer I worked in collaboration with Google and the NBA to develop the Google Assistant Action using Dialogflow, written in JavaScript. Fans were able to vote via any Google Assistant-enabled device by saying, “OK, Google, talk to NBA All-Star.”

Honda Dream Drive

February 2018 - October 2018

As an Android Engineer, I developed Honda Dream Drive for Android Auto and an accompanying mobile application using the Kotlin programming language and NLP technologies.

Honda Dream Drive is a suite of apps (for both the driver and passenger) based on the “In-Vehicle Payment” and “Dream Drive” concepts announced at CES 2017.

“The Honda Dream Drive’s driver dashboard is optimized for things like parking, gas payments, restaurant reservations, food ordering for pickup or delivery, ticketing, audio, location sharing, and rewards.” — Venture Beat

While driving, you can say, “OK Hana, find parking.” The system then looks for parking garages near the destination you’re driving to.

Cyanea – Open Source Theme Engine for Android

January 2018 - Present

Cyanea is a powerful, dynamic, open source theme engine I developed. It's named after Octopus Cyanea which is adept at camouflage and not only can change color frequently, but also can change the patterns on and texture of its skin.

In Android, themes and resources are immutable. Therefore, many developers claimed a theme engine allowing colors and resources to change programmatically and at runtime was impossible. I like to push the boundaries and find solutions to make the impossible possible in a beautiful way.

The project was featured in Android Weekly and in GitHub's top trending projects for the Kotlin programming language.

JRummy Apps acquired by Maple Media

July 2017

In October of 2010, I founded JRummy Apps — a software company with a keen focus on Android. I solely developed, published, marketed, and maintained over 20 applications, 2 of which were top-10 ranking paid apps on Google Play for several consecutive years.

Maple Media LLC, backed by leading private equity firm Shamrock Capital, acquired JRummy Apps Inc. for an undisclosed amount as reported by VentureBeat, Android Police, and Android Headlines.

At the time of acquisition over 60 million people had downloaded an app published by JRummy Apps Inc.

JRummy Apps is a software company with a keen focus on Android. Founded in October of 2010. At the time of the acquisition, over 60 million people had downloaded an app published by JRummy Apps Inc.

File Managers for Android

June 2011 – July 2017

I have developed several file managers, published under JRummy Apps Inc. and Maple Media LLC., with over 20 million downloads and enjoyed by millions of monthly active users.

These projects required a deep understanding of the Android file hierarchy and SELinux permissions and file system. The apps have integrations with cloud based storage systems including Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and OneDrive.

Development also included a SQLite database editor, a sophisticated text editor for code, an APK analyzer and decompiler, audio and video players, an archive explorer and extractor (RAR, TAR, ZIP), and advanced superuser features and integrations with TWRP and ClockworkMod recoveries.

Transfer content, copy and paste, compress, extract ZIP, RAR, BIN, TAR, JAR & APK files, unzip, delete, and move files between local drive, external storage and cloud storage

Enjoy how you view your files with icon packs & custom themes.

A rich text editor that supports syntax highlighting for dozens of programming languages, color schemes, and printing directly from your mobile device.

Analyze storage usage and view detailed file properties.

AndroidProcesses – Open Source Library

January 2015 – September 2017

Developed an open source alternative to retrieving running process info on Android 5.0+.

The library is used by Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) and Cheetah Mobile (NASDAQ:CMCM) in Android mobile applications with over 1 billion downloads.

Google blocked access to the procfs filesystem in Android 5.0 in an attempt to restrict third-party access to running process data. My library, which got around this restriction, was used in hunderds of apps, which combined have at least 1.2 billion downloads!

ROM Toolbox

October 2011 – July 2017

I am the sole developer of ROM Toolbox, an all-in-one utility app—ranking in the overall top-15 paid apps category and top-25 grossing apps category on the Google Play Store from 2012-2015—with over 80,000 5-star reviews. It is a "must have app" for every Android power user.

ROM Toolbox combines many top-ranking utility applications into one app, typically saving paid-users up to 85% on app purchases. ROM Toolbox has been featured on LifeHacker, Android Police, XDA-Developers, Droid-Life, Android Central, RootzWiki and other popular Android websites and blogs.

ROM Toolbox combines utilities to install custom after-market open-source operating systems such as CyanogenMod, a fully featured file manager & root browser for rooted superusers, a terminal to access the built-in Linux command line shell, a tool for changing the CPU settings, and utilities to customize the look and feel of an Android device.

XDA TV review of ROM Toolbox by YouTube star Stevie Boebi.

FontFix – Install Free Fonts

September 2011 – July 2017

I developed the top-ranking font installer app on Google Play. It offers over 4,300 fonts, allows users to install fonts downloaded from the web, and supports FlipFont by Monotype Imaging Inc.

I published two open source libraries on GitHub while developing the app:

  • TrueTypeParser – TrueType Font Parser for Android based on Apache FOP.

  • sfntly – A slimmed down Java version of Google's sfntly with a much smaller method count (Android friendly).

Watch the promo video of the app in action.

Lollipop Land 🍭

November 2014

I developed the game Lollipop Land based off the Android 5.0 Easter Egg. I wrote a blog post about implementing the convex hull algorithm into the game.

In the game you fly bugdroid and his friends through the Android dessert forest, through a sea of swirly twirly lollipops, and jump your way through a land of tasty nerdy desserts.

Over 1 million downloads & 15,000 5-star reviews.

The Android 5.0 Easter Egg was a Flappy Bird clone.

Product icon I designed for the game.

Root Utilities

April 2010 – July 2017

I developed several "root" applications published by JRummy Apps which are now owned and operated by Maple Media. Swipe through to view more utility apps I developed for power users.

What is root?

The name root is the user name or account that by default has access to all commands and files on the Android operating system. Rooting an Android device is simply the process of gaining full, privileged, or admin control of a device, thus allowing ‘root access’ or ‘superuser’ permissions.

I developed the app BusyBox for Android—available on Google Play–the most reliable and advanced BusyBox installer on the market.

I developed the app Boot Animations—available on Google Play—which allows root users to download and install custom boot animations.

I developed the app Root Check—available on Google Play–which is the most informative root check tool for Android.

I developed the app BuildProp Editor—available on Google Play–to edit a build.prop or any other properties file on an Android device.

Overclock for Android

October 2010 – January 2012

Overclock for Android was my first successful app published on Google Play in October 2010, ranking in the top-10 paid apps category. It was mentioned on CNN Tech as an app "to help you diagnose problems or improve performance." It was highly adopted as the go-to app for overclocking after an article by highly recommended it. Although the app's UI/UX feels outdated today, it was revolutionary for the genesis of Android.